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Originally posted by: ozonod

Originally posted by:crunkmoose

Chavez: Democratically elected leader.

McCain: Tyrant in waiting.


you know nothing about Chavez. He cheated. I have family suffering in Venezuela because of this guy. This is lying piece of shit and was never elected democratically. THe poor 20% of the country was bribed to vote for this man. THe other 30% that works for the governent was FORCED to vote for Chavez. people that have been dead for 100 years some how vote for this man? how is that possible? CHEATER. Fuck that man, and fuck his socialst views.

Just thought i would get that off my chest.

The point is that the Bush Administration has no problem with people like this, other than the fact that they are socialist and don't like America, and are pretty loud about not liking America.

I think Chavez is a dick too, but that's not why he is criticised. There's leaders around the world much much much worse than Chavez who go unmentioned.
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