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July 7 2007 5:30 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
It seems you're directly incluenced by your being born a faggot.
I hear it's not a choice.
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July 7 2007 11:01 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
do you think the muslims in your country would forgive & forget in an instant if your government changed its foreign policy? (i am in full agreement that american/british foreign policy needs changed asap).

Do you think of Muslims as one collective brain?

-do you think that the huge amounts of isolated muslims will learn to respect the laws and culture of your land given that most of it contradicts their religion?

I don't think simply kicking them out purely for being Muslims is the way to solve any problem you may percieve about isolated muslims.

It doesn't really matter if the laws don't work with Islam that well, because Islam says to follow other laws when in those countries anyway.

do you not think that the american and british government will not benefit from another terror attack committed by a middle-eastern muslim? it seems to me that they would benefit greatly. they'd get much more support from the people for their globalist agenda.

Do you know what wouldn't benefit them? Implementing fascist policies that would be unthinkably unpopular with virtually everyone. And yeah, you can rationalise it all with everyone, I'm sure everyone will agree and it won't be seen as something for people to rise up against.

And the idea that this is why they're letting them in...Haha. They could just keep a close eye on a few people and not catch them....No let's just let them all in, I'm sure that's they're logic.

-do you really think that leaving these people in is a sincere humanitarian act?

I don't know what you mean by this....Leaving these people? Are you talking about Iraq?

-don't you think its unfair for your immigrants who want to assimilate or have assimilated and truly want a new way of life and to escape from the war torn and dictatorial regions of the ME only to have that same way of life follow them into the country they have chosen to reside in?

Yeah because people trying to overthrow the British government in order to found any kind of dictatorship are allowed to operate here...

I don't know how you define dictatorship.

-don't you think that militant groups are rising at rapid pace in europe and finding a way to recruit dejected muslims living on the fringe of society? do you really believe that everything would be fine and dandy if foreign policy was changed?

Nope, I don't think it would be all fine and dandy, and obviously it's a long-term issue. Foreign policy is a massive factor in why we are targeted.

the damage has already been done. its illogical to let more of these people in.

If they were all united and hated us, and it we lived in a society where this would be politically feasible, then maybe I'd agree.

please explain to me why shouldn't governments who are fighting a war restrict immigration from regions where they are fight
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July 7 2007 11:15 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
On another point, I'm pretty sure al-Qaeda have offered a truce with everyone except America, if they change their foreign policy. That's what happened in Spain, and I've not heard of anything else happening since.

If you have Zawahiri saying "don't attack england", then that definitely lowers the risk which you seem to be so damn scared of.
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