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February 7 2011 6:19 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Oh, how I love these stereo types today, if you listen to Brokencyde you must be "Scene", you listen to Deicide you are a "Satanist", you listen to Bring Me The Horizon then you are "Emo", the list continues from there, anyways, I find these stereo types, dumb, immature, not worth even being called something you are not, second off, the teen bands like Jonas Brothers, Family Force 5, Brokencyde, Alesena, etc, etc, are just plain stupid, lol. For one, in Brokencyde the guy's dress up in the most gayest(by gay, I mean literally gay, no offense to the gay people, since I do, in fact support gay rights, no, that does not mean I am, I am straight.) anyways, the outfits the guy's wear in Brokencyde almost made me piss myself laughing so hard, the teen years now days are so insane(bad) it is not even funny. Teen males, you want to listen to real music? Try Metallica, Abysmal Dawn, Deicide, Pantera, Anthrax, Rob Zombie and so on, that is real music, or even the legendary, Ronnie James Dio, now he is a great honorable musician right next to million's of others, including the past year ones of Paul Grey.
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fake music is not real
ass nipples
old dancing boy
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Originally posted by: Michael652

by gay, I mean literally gay

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August 15 2014 9:21 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Il faut dire que la jeune femme est depuis plusieurs années une fashionista reconnue. Ses looks dans la série Gossip Girl avaient créé des émules mais ses tenues de ville ne sont pas en reste. Blake Lively est connue pour son amour de la mode et visiblement elle tient à ce que son mari, Ryan Reynolds, ne lui fasse pas honte en public et ne gâche pas sa réputation de modeuse.?Blake Lively et Ryan Reynolds
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