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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has signed Canadian speed masters ARMIFERA and will release their debut album "Eradication" on CD format May 14th. Below is the official description:

Epic Speed Metal madness from Canada! Armifera carry the torch of metal's past through their debut album "Eradication". A blend of old school and new school Thrash Metal, this album exhibits violent fast tempos, pit bull vocals, bone crushing riffs and thunderous bass along with a healthy dose of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal undertones. Enter the dark twisted world of the Brotherhood Of The Watcher and The Hidden Order... a secret society that broke off of the bloodlines of the Earth's rulers and became their adversaries. "Eradication" will take you on a spellbinding and mesmerising experience into the unknown. For fans of Death Angel, Destruction, Exodus, Forbidden, Kreator, Machine Head, Metallica, Minax, Mortillery, Sacrifice, Sodom, Testament and Tourniquet. Bang your head!

You can pre-order your copy for only $10 including shipping at

Listen to a full track from this release at

For wholesale information please email

For a digital promo to review or for radio airplay please email


1. Eradication
2. Die Free
3. System Of Secrecy
4. Cerebral Slave
5. Iron Entities
6. Blunt Force Trauma
7. D.M.H. (Death Metal Horror)
8. Metal Massacre
9. Woven Mist

HPGD on Facebook:
HPGD on Twitter:!/hpgd666
HPGD on YouTube:
Mike Gore
Pussy Desecrator !
1,178 Posts

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