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October 14 2013 2:51 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions will release a Special Edition version of the new album from Finland's FLESHEATERS III entitled "Scarecrow" this Halloween on CD and Digital formats. Below is the official description:

Flesheaters III make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the energetic album "Scarecrow". This Halloween prepare for the ultimate in Horror Metal; a very interesting and intense combination of Death/Thrash
with a healthy dose of Black Metal and Punk elements. Flesheaters III are a force to be reckoned with a fresh sound that is rough, heavy, fast, raw and melodic. "Scarecrow" is complete horror, terror and destruction! Special Edition CD includes 4 bonus tracks recorded live at Selviytyjät fest in Jalasjärvi, Finland 2012. A must have release for fans of Bludwulf, Danzig, Disfear, Driller Killer, Entombed, Genocide Superstars, GG Allin, The
Lurking Corpses, Marduk, The Misfits, Motörhead, Nasum, Offspring, The Ramones, Samhain, White Zombie and Zeke

Pre-order your copy of the CD for only $10 with free shipping at
click here for link

Pre-order the Digital Download for only $6.66 at
click here for link

For wholesale information please email

For a digital promo to review or for radio airplay please email

If you are interested in streaming this release or premiering a track on your website please email


1. Killing Machine
2. Undead Nazi Bastard
3. Eine Symphonie Des Grauens
4. Night Of The Butterfly Knives
5. Mutilated Sweet Heart
6. Flesheater Superstars
7. Skullfuckers
8. Miss Halloween
9. Fog From The Graves
10. Never Dies
11. Phantom
12. Hands Of Satanic Porn
13. Eine Symphonie Des Grauens (live)
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November 10 2013 7:50 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
great cover art!
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