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March 16 2015 7:24 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
"Dead Pollys is a powerhouse of a sound. Reminds me of stepping through the front door of CBGB's!" Nikki Palomino, author, rock journalist, talk show host

Listen to the album "Bullet For The Wicked" here:
(Want to download the songs for airtime or review, send me an e-mail)

Dead Pollys from Stockholm, Sweden is a three-piece classic energetic punkrock act with members from infamous bands like Sir Reg, Mansic and Pasted. In their collective past they have made more than 200 performances all over Europe.

Dead Polly strives to deliver a naked, honest punk rock with influences from everything they love, so don’t be surprised if you hear traces of folk, pop or any other genre in their arsenal.

On harsh vocals and crashing guitars you have big boy Nizze, Juba handles the thundering bass and Miche is the machine who waves his hair as he beats the drum. We're proud to ket you know that on the album "Bullet For The Wicked" Jonathan Segel from Camper Van Beethoven is our guest on violin.

Some history:
Dead Pollys was started by Nizze in 2012. The basic idea was to "continue" with The Rummies, his former folkpunkband but it turned out completely different and the first "version" of Dead Pollys was a rock/folk band that didn't have some much punk in it. After a small release Nizze started to write songs with more punkrock attitude again. The first change was the bass player Stene Gustafsson who got replaced by Juba. Juba was formerly the bass player of Sir Reg, an emerging band from Sweden (with an Irish singer) who plays celctic punkrock and one of the tours they did was together with Misfits. The next change closer to Dead Pollys of today was that Hans Müller, the very talanted lead guitarist left the band since he was not so much into punkrock. They decided to leave it at that and Nizze was left on his own with the guitar. The last change was that Ola Höök left the band and Miche took his place.

Nizze have been active touring in europe with Mansic (and later Hate Is Just A Feeling and even later The Rummies) and during this time they released two albums and a vinyl E.P n the U.S. They toured with Stroh from Spain, Fux from The U.S and Ginos Eyeball from Belgium. The band changed name to The Rummies just before they split. During this time Juba was equaly active in Sir Reg, doing tours and playing festivals all over europe.

Youtube channel: (if you like it please like us)
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March 21 2015 7:01 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Ha, nice. Got that raw punk sound going on. I'm checking out your YT channel now
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