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June 16 2016 9:58 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
OK, I'll try and make it quick.

Three new releases for this summer:

1.) BLEAK/ DIALYSIS split 7"

Two Syracuse bands team up for fun/beheadings. BLEAK cover a Tom Waits song. Then they do an Unsane song with the singer of DIALYSIS (that's me). DIALYSIS counter with a Tom Waits cover sung by one of the BLEAK guys. The they dish out one Anthrax-inspired (but faster) original ripper, "Things I hate About This Pace" Comes on blue vinyl. Also comes packaged in a really cool letterpressed package.

Listen: click here for link

Buy: click here for link

2.) BLEAK, "No Light, No Tunnel" LP/CD/digital

The 2nd full length in the space of one year. Back with original vocalist. Music is far more chaotic and seizure-inducing than previous stuff, but still heavy ("there's that word again..."). Think Coalesce, Turmoil, All Else Failed, sinking oceanliners, children crying, shame, etc.

Check a track: click here for link

Buy a record (or CD, no judgement): click here for link

3.) GODSTOPPER, "Who Tries Anymore" 12", "Lie Down" CD

Toronto's GODSTOPPER show that Canada does it better. New 12" EP is the catchiest shit yet, replacing some of that sludge with hooks. More fancy packaging. Also, "Lie Down", their last full length, was only available digitally, which is just dumb. We put it on a CD (slightly less dumb) and tacked on their awesome "Children Are the Future" EP as bonus tracks. You like Torche, Mare, Melvins, or Cave-In? you like Queen? This kinda has some of that.

Fun song: click here for link

Many options, so just go here: click here for link

If you check the webstore there's also some other fun, limited stuff on there to blow some cash on if you're feeling desperate for material items.

More fun stuff to follow before year's end. That's it for now.

Thanks for reading/laughing/crying/shopping.
forum Punk Rock ›› HEX RECORDS SUMMER POST (Bleak, Godstopper, more) ›› new reply Post Reply

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