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June 30 2016 1:44 PM   QuickQuote Quote  

We would like to share with you the new release of our french band call REMOTE.

The band is from Paris and completed its line up in 2010 featuring members of HKY and Quartier Rouge.
REMOTE's music could be defined as a chaotic, aggressive kind of post-hardcore with a hint of dark noise. It's inspired by every negative feelings. Each song displays its own atmosphere either straight & intense, heavy or oppressing.

After a first LP, Starving Blaze and Hollow Shades, released in 2013 follow by a split EP with the Norwegian band BARREN WOMB released in April 2013, our brand new album RESILIENT is now available on streaming and download on our official bandcamp page,

To promote this new album, a European Tour named THE NORTHERN NOISE TOUR 2016 was set on May and June including several gigs in Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Danemark, Germany and France.

Follow us :
forum Punk Rock ›› REMOTE - Resilient *New Lp* ›› new reply Post Reply

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