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August 23 2016 5:08 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
London-based ‘blue-eyed soul’ singer Nadia Marisa just released her single, “Summer,” and it’s, well…hot.

I clicked the play button and did an audial double take. I could’ve sworn I heard James Bay. But instead, a feminine voice greeted me on the rest of the track. Packed full of imagery and the laced with the strength of voice we’re used to hearing from UK artists like Adele, Nadia Marisa’s “Summer” makes you want to sit on the patio in a shorts and sip a lemonade.

The intro starts with a piano solo, which is the simplest way to start a song so lyrically heavy. It’s not that the words are a bummer – they’re just so much for your senses to take in, and even more for your mind to unfold. Listeners will wonder if Nadia is talking about summer as a season, or if summer is a metaphor for a person she is pondering.

“If I could only lock you in, hold you close and break your wings/we could dance together until Spring” are the lyrics that really make you believe the song is about a person, someone Nadia Marisa can’t wait to see and never wants to leave. But the visuals like “A fly on my leg/A hat on my head” suggest that like many, she’s tired of the cold and can’t wait for summer to roll around and bring sunnier days (or is that metaphorical, as well?)

In the fashion of one of her musical influences, Emeli Sandé, Nadia Marisa’s voice goes in and out as if to hit peaks and valleys, almost as if unintentionally, further adding to the complex simplicity of “Summer.” Her voice is calming enough to deliver the calmness of a summer’s day, but its intensity pulls the listener in and makes them want to hear more. If you were going to click the “next” button, you stopped in your tracks (pun intended) because her voice just did something new and interesting. Her dynamic vocals make the track one that you can’t move on from and if you manage to, you’ll definitely be back for more.
forum Punk Rock ›› NADIA MARISA GETS US IN THE MOOD FOR “SUMMER” ›› new reply Post Reply


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