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Time Husk
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4 hours left on the rare BURN shirt. Also listed is a rad unique Chain of Strength shirt, a Struggle shirt with language on it more relevant now than ever, and a unique Unbroken longsleeve shirt with the And/Fall on Proverb filmstrip artwork. Dig in the couch and bid! My chronic unemployment has the bills stacked up high, bail me out punk hardcore internet!

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will bid on the final day
Time Husk
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I can't seem to create a new post for some reason, so check this out.

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Bad Religion - Into the Unknown (1983, the only pressing)

Record Grading:    Near Mint (NM or M-)
Release Year:    1983    
Sleeve Grading:    Very Good Plus (VG+)
Special Attributes:    only pressing ever!
Insert Grading : EX
Record Label:    Epitaph

WIKIPEDIA : Into the Unknown is Bad Religion's most controversial release. The band broke up after the album's release, but reformed in 1985. Gurewitz characterized the album as a "terrible misstep". Although Into the Unknown has never been officially released on CD, bootlegged CDs of the album exist.

Greg Graffin recalls that the band only performed material from this album once when it was released; when Bad Religion premiered the material live, poor word of mouth alienated fans, and only 12 people turned out for the concert, because fans had learned that the band was going to bring keyboards on stage; the poor turnout for this performance convinced the band not to bring keyboards on tour with them, and to return to its hardcore punk sound. In October 2010, the band performed "Billy Gnosis", the first time in 27 years that Bad Religion had performed any songs from the album in concert. In December, the band released the vinyl box set 30 Years of Bad Religion, which reissued all 15 of the band's LPs, including Into the Unknown. The band's website offers commentaries from Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz.

Only four songs have been played live off this album: "It's Only Over When...", "Billy Gnosis", "The Dichotomy" and "...You Give Up".

DISCOGS : The 2nd album released by Bad Religion. The album features a keyboard-heavy prog rock sound which is unlike anything else in their discography. Bassist Jay Bentley quit the band during the recording of the first song and previous drummer Pete Finestone is also absent from the record. Epitaph Records pressed up 10,000 copies of the record which they claim were mostly returned by dissatisfied fans. The returns were stored in the Bomp Records warehouse where Brett Gurewitz's then-girlfriend worked and a number of copies were sold through Bomp, although just how many is disputed. These sales were not authorized by the band or label. Jay Bentley also stated that he and Brett destroyed several boxes of the record and other copies that had been stored in Bentley's mother's basement were ruined by an exploding water heater.

The record has been mostly disowned by the group. Brett Gurewitz, who owns the rights to the record via Epitaph Records, has been particularly vocal about his displeasure with album and long refused to reissue the release. However, the first authorized reissue was included in a Bad Religion vinyl box set released in the fall of 2010.

The song "Time And Disregard" was originally written for a side project that Greg Graffin had with Greg Hetson (who was not a member of Bad Religion at this time) called Greg Greg.

DISCOGS review: this record is totally bizarre & misguided but great. don't listen to the punk traditionalists. It has the usual top notch Bad Religion songwriting with influences from Sabotage-era Black Sabbath & a touch of new wave.

DISCOGS review 2 (excerpt)::

This is it: The forgotten Bad Religion album.
It has never officially been released on CD to this day! 10.000 copies have been pressed and just some of them have been sold back in 1983. Rumor has it that all remaining copies have been destroyed. The truth is that most of them went back to the Epitaph warehouse and have been sold to fans by Mr Brett's girlfriend over the years. She just kept a rest of 300.

If you ask fans from back in the days about the music they will tell you it‘s totally crap. In fact the use of uncommon Ă­nstrumentation for a hardcore punk band like synthesizers & acoustic guitars make this album sounding quite untypical for Bad Religion. First time I had the opportunity to check it out I thought it had to be the new Van Halen album.

The major problem was the first LP - a hardcore punk milestone! Most of the fans did expect a second "hell" album. But I consider it to be an effort of Bad Religion to develop their style and not (like nowadays) getting lamer and lamer. At a time hardcore was simply getting harder & faster, it was one of the first bands that was looking out for new influences like Alternative Rock.

Excellent (EX) Overall Grade

EX - record sleeve/cover
NM - vinyl
EX - lyric sheet insert
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