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The auction is here:

Black vinyl version of THE FIGGS / COFFIN BREAK split 7" released in 1992 by Negative Feedback Records. Includes insert. Has been stored in a SMOKE FREE environment.

About the 7":
Coffin Break and The Figgs are something of an unlikely combo for a split single, in regards to both genre and proximity. Granted, "Let Me Have It," cut in 1992, presumably for the Ginger sessions finds the (then) upstate New York quartet raising a little more of a raucous then usual. The jagged little squelch of feedback in the opening seconds leads into a treble-happy, two-and-a-half minute slice of pogo-pop as only the Figgs know how to cook up. Coffin Break's side features "Drain" a taught exercise in thrashy punk rawk with a vague metal tinge to drive the point home. Concise and punchy as-all-get-out, but a trifle too amelodic for all you "pop fanatics" I might add.

A. COFFIN BREAK: "Drain" (produced by Jack Endino)
B. THE FIGGS: "Let me Have It"

Proceeds of this auction go towards funding future releases on Chrome Peeler Records.
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