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Aware that a certain type of body image is promoted throughout the music industry, alongside often trivial subject matter, Kayla Jay’s music encourages listeners to seek a deeper meaning in life, and consider more than aesthetics before reaching judgements. Her soulful new single ‘What If?,’ reflects on elements of self-doubt within a relationship, such as questions over whether committing is the right thing to do, or whether a partner will end up taking advantage of this commitment and hurting you. ‘What If?’ covers real-life issues, without pulling any punches. Kayla does not make generic pop songs presenting a false, simplistic image of life.
As well as exhibiting Kayla’s philosophy, ‘What If’ also exhibits her outstanding vocal ability as she reaches a range of complex notes with immaculate precision. These lyrics are laid over a sumptuous, melodic beat to create a track that you will play on repeat for days and days.
Influenced by such acts as Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, Lauren Hill and Mariah Carey, Kayla’s chilled, downtempo key tracks allow listeners to fully reflect on her insightful lyrics. This is not the first song on which Kayla has used her music to convey a socially important message. Gliding over yet another smooth, addictive beat, the lyrics of her previous single, ‘I Don’t Care’ decry the pressure which is placed on female acts in the industry regarding their body image.
Available for download everywhere from 7/7/17, ‘What If’ is the first single from Kayla’s upcoming debut album. Kayla is about to put the industry on notice that she does not make music to twerk on camera; she came to encourage people to consider life more deeply, and make some fantastic tracks in the process.
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forum Punk Rock ›› Kayla Jay asks listeners to look for a deeper mean... ›› new reply Post Reply

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