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The Conservatives claim their plans for social care will “provide proper care and protection for all those who need it, especially older people”.
But do more people really need to pay for their own care in older age, as proposed by the Tory manifesto?
Theresa May has backtracked on the policy dubbed the “dementia tax” by announcing a cap on lifetime care costs after widespread protests that more families would be forced to sell the homes of pensioners paying for their care.
The party maintains that the controversial plans, which means wealthier Windows Customer Support Number people with assets of more than £100,000 will have to pay for their own care from the value of their homes, will provide “more sustainable funding” for the sector as the population of the UK ages.
Why isn’t social care covered by the NHS?
The health and social care systems are both complex and
separate, but often overlap with each other.
If someone has an illness, injury or disability, such as cancer, heart disease or a fractured hip, they can receive free medical treatment from the health service.
But if they need ongoing assistance in their everyday life, such as with preparing meals or washing and dressing, this falls under the responsibility of each local authority’s social care system, and they may have to pay.

The NHS limits access to free care for long-term conditions, Norton Support Number UK and uses strict rules and criteria to decide who receives it. Many people with dementia, which affects someone’s ability to look after themselves on a continuing basis, do not meet these criteria.
One reason social care has become such a big political issue is that people often do not realise they will need to pay for their care themselves, so parties are disinclined to bring it up, says Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director of Age UK.
“There are two types of social care: care in your own home, and when you go and live in a care home. It’s a means-tested system. You go through an assessment with the council to decide how great your needs are and how much money you’ve got,” she says.
forum General Music Discussion ›› Should we have to pay for own social care ›› new reply Post Reply

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