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November 11 2017 2:34 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Unsigned Brazenflow has landed…and he’s coming to mix it up in the crazy world of Hip Hop and R’n’B with his first release ‘Bell Biv Devoe’. This fun tune has a subtle message entwined within the trippy and wavey melody which on its own can enrich anyone’s day. Brazenflow’s urban tone compliments wonderfully as he moves us with a message to do more, and speak less. A lesson most of could do with taking heed of. He bases his song around the history of 90’s R’n’B group ‘Bell Biv Devoe’ who found that plans they had were hijacked by others in the music industry and they learnt that if they hadn’t talked so much that others wouldn’t have been able gain an advantage over them.

Inspired as well by more modern artists including 2Pac, Kanye West and Dr Dre; Brazenflow started to combine introspective lyrics with a wide ranging variety of melodies producing an altogether unique sound. This developed during his school years in North London as he was producing more and more music, as well as exploring the UK Grime scene to its full. Joining a music group in Camden, Brazenflow began to collaborate with emerging talent, and after a few years in a music apprenticeship programme he was able to start releasing his music. Respect!

‘Bell Biv Devoe’ is a track that Brazenflow has given his all, the enchanting lyrics coupled with his new and unique singing style ensures that this is going to be a track that’s on everyones playlist. This unsigned artist has also worked hard to put together a video to compliment this fresh new tune. I’ve no doubt that this is not the last we see….and hear from Brazenflow!





YouTube: Awaiting Link

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