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The major that you end up choosing can be argued to be the most vital career decision that you could ever make while in college. This is due to the simple fact that it forms the backbone of the career choices that you will make once you graduate. Lack of having an idea of what you should study when you are about to join college is completely normal.

However, what you do about it is what makes you stand out from the other students who are likely to be sailing in the same boat as you are. Below are some of the best tips that can help you in finding the solution to your dilemma of what career path you’re supposed to pick.

1. Reflect On The Things That Interest You
The first stride that you should take towards choosing your college major should be influenced by the things that attract your interests the most. This can be easily achieved mainly through first knowing yourself and the things that you love.

In order for you to put a finger on the kind of things that interest you, you can visit the career center at your institution for resources used in self-assessment. To add onto that, you could also try reflecting on the experiences that you’ve gone through in the past. The stuff that you should look out for when reflecting include the subjects that you’ve already established as your best and even the jobs that you might have done.

When all these things are stringed together, you are highly likely to have a good idea of where your heart lies. Once you’ve appreciated where your passion is, you should combine that with your strengths in academics and then translate them all into career choices such as some in the charity sector.

2. Evaluate Your Core Values and Beliefs
There are a number of questions that you should ask yourself to help you gauge what your core values and beliefs are. Some of these questions could be whether you enjoy assisting other people. If you do, then you should choose a career path along such lines. A good example that could work with such values is a career in the charity sector.

You could also ask yourself whether you enjoy solving puzzles among other questions. If you do, then you could consider a career path in the field of engineering, math, philosophy or the various sciences. The bottom line is, the manner in which you derive your answers for such questions is highly dependent on your personal beliefs and values which should guide you into choosing a suitable career path.

3. Try Out Majors Via Enrolling for Introductory Courses
Finding out if a major has the characteristics of being the correct choice is as equally important as finding out whether it doesn`t have the features of something that you would settle for. One of the best ways to achieve this is by enrolling in various introductory courses. Even though you end up discarding some of the courses that do not augur well with you, they will still go a long way in improving your education generally and also your elective requirements. In addition to that, you get to know the differences between various career paths e.g. how charity jobs differ from all others.

A good example of how you can carry this point out is by randomly picking something that you've had some general interest e.g. business. You should then go ahead and enroll in a marketing course or a course in introductory management. If it raises your interest, you should highly consider taking some classes in business or even speaking to some students who have business as their major. On the other hand, in case it does not spark any curiosity, you should then divert your attention to other classes for introductory courses.

4. Ask For Assistance from Advisers and People Who Know You Better
Most of the time, it is solely your job to determine the direction that your career path should take. However, it is prudent for you to bring your professors and friends on board to help you make your decision. Ensure that you search for teachers who will motivate, encourage and inspire you to working harder and being passionate about the experiences that you got in your academic life. If you opt for a career in the charity sector, then you should seek for career tips from a charity champion.

The moment that you’ve done all that digging, also make sure that you have sought assistance from career counselors and academic advisers. They will provide the much-needed help that you will require for the creation of a good roadmap that will last you for the remaining years of your college life. In addition to that, they will help you to make sense of how the results of your self-assessment fit into the different college majors which in the long run point at the best career paths.

5. Follow Your Dreams
Naturally, when students choose their majors based on the subjects that they are passionate about and interest them most, there is an increased tendency of engaging more with what they learn. Once you are able to tap into this particular principle, it won`t be a surprise to find yourself becoming more marketable especially in a workforce that’s so competitive.

Choose a major that focuses on a particular area that you love most (e.g. a career in the charity sector) and you will have an easy time flourishing in it. An area in which most students go astray is choosing majors that their parents or guardians recommend for them. The problem with this arises when the student opts to follow these set choices for them because of being assured of jobs right after they graduate.

If you aren't in love with the courses that your parents push you to do, then we can comfortably advise you not to enroll for them. The charity sector that you desire to dive into is much better than law or medical school that you are being pushed to join against your will. Be wise and don't fall into such a trap, just follow your heart!

6. Explore Diverse Interests Using Your Elective Credits
Choosing the most appropriate major comes with its pressure of getting the decision spot-on and devoid of mistakes. However, amidst such billows, it is good for you to keep in mind that you are allowed to change your career path at any particular time. In order for you to enlarge your horizon, you should put to use the elective credits that you’ve collected. Once you use them wisely, you will be in a better position to tailor your learning spectrum into being beyond what is required from you.

Strive to forge some inter-disciplinary connections all over your curriculum. The main reason behind this is that a major simply is a singular discipline that enables you to know the world much better. By itself, it can end up inhibiting instead of expanding your mind, and the best way to avoid such a situation is by having the earlier talked about connections. Indulge yourself in as many new activities as you can in your senior and junior years.

Take new classes, attend different lectures, volunteer for various campus activities and in the long run, you will not regret seizing your openings for trying new things. In the end, it will count in assisting you to pick the best career path because all these experiences will make you have a much better and different perspective when choosing your major.

As a student, if you do not find a way to realize where you want to end up in your career, you could be signing up for disaster in your later years. You wouldn’t want to find yourself at the moment of looking at the research paper topics for your last college exam and regretting why you ever chose that course. It is not easy to find a middle-ground between reality and passion when settling upon any particular career path.

The above tips are surely going to be of use to you and will act as a compass to help you traverse the ground that you need to cover to acquire your career goals. Do you feel that these tips have been of help to the lens by which you will use to view and choose your career path?
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bobs and vegana, now.
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