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We discuss the current battery and data usage of Old School Mobile today. OSRS team have been testing it out on the new Razer Phone whilst playtesting Dragon Slayer II. The new feedback lead to the delay of the beginning of beta testing. But OSRS will invite the first batch of testers later this month for OSRS Mobile Beta.

OSRS Mobile Data Usage

Old School Mobile currently uses, on average, 103MB of data per hour of full gameplay. Compared to a lot of other mobile games this may seem like a lot, however you must consider that Old School RuneScape is a live MMORPG, one in which data is continuously transferred. In turn-based games, data is sent in packets occasionally, hence the data amounts being substantially different. It’s important to note that this was in a test scenario and real world results may vary.

OSRS Mobile Battery Usage

Old School will, on average, cause your battery to drain at the rate of between 8% and 12% per hour whilst you’re playing. These tests were done on a Samsung S8 and a Razer Phone, and we'll continue to test on other phones and relay information whenever possible.If you are prepared to play OSRS on your phone for a long time, you need to have a mobile power supply.

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forum Introduce Yourself! ›› OSRS Mobile Last News about Data and Battery ›› new reply Post Reply

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