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So Spotify needs Ms. Swift more than she needs them. Good for her! It’s great to see a very public, visible display of an artist in control, rather than a “distributor.” If I understand correctly, Prince waged his passionate wars for artist control mostly unnoticed, out of the public eye.

When I first heard of the streaming subscription model for music, it sounded very strange and unsustainable to me. I personally hope this is the beginning of the end for this mode of music listening. But, as another of the pundits in this discussion said - the market will decide. The digital music Pandora’s Box has been opened. I’m sure there will be countless other “innovations” coming in the distribution of art and intellectual property, some of which may survive this free-for-all.

The Suits didn’t start this mess. Neither did the artists, the stores, or anybody else in the industry. It was the fans who created this situation, by collectively deciding they just didn’t need to pay for recorded music. It was the fans who started it, and only they can fix it.

The Beatles stopped touring in 1966 because the fans wouldn’t be quiet enough so the music could be heard. If that happened nowadays, of course, there would have been no more Beatles, since the money that comes in from modern recording sales would never have supported the lavish production budgets needed to create their timeless popular masterpieces.

Does anybody care?

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