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music♥ sex♥Plastic♥Individuality♥ Scarves♥ Nightmare Before Christmas♥ Tim Burton♥ piercing myself♥ hair dye♥ cuddling♥ goth clubs♥ big platform boots♥ Art♥ Synthetic hair♥ cosmetics♥ androgny♥sleeping♥ ma best friend =)♥ mohhawks♥ cut people♥sparkely things♥kissing♥ romance♥ random kisses♥ gothic culture♥ styling hair♥ web design♥ dark culture♥ painting♥ drawing♥ writing♥ raves♥kissing♥ romance♥ random kisses♥ g raves♥skeletons♥skateboarding♥cyber goth party's♥goth party's♥cyberia♥razors♥rebel flag!!!♥screamo♥emo♥emocore♥neo♥ psychodelia♥undercore♥industrial♥hardcore♥powerpop♥synthpop♥Emo♥ Emocore♥Hardcore♥Punk♥techno♥grunge♥Guitar♥ Friends♥rainbow bright♥Black♥Belt♥fairys♥Black♥Nails♥dyed hair♥Movies♥jelly beans♥ Eyes♥dollz♥Lips♥Night♥Pictures♥bettie page♥Party♥Drink♥corsetry♥ fake eyebrows♥ punks♥ industrialites♥ Alternative Styling♥ Jrock styling♥ Gothic Lolita styling♥ Hope♥Skate♥Water♥Piercing♥dreads♥Tattoo♥Black hair♥peircings♥Heart♥hair extentions♥freaks♥cigarettes♥ glow sticks♥Chocolate♥daydreaming Strawberry♥Sleep♥Clothes♥fashion♥serial killers♥eyeliner♥candy♥Underwear♥soda pop♥Talk♥Draw♥polka dots♥Shows♥Emo Kids♥Shopping♥tattoos♥suicide♥lollipops♥Trash♥Pain♥Sickness. ♥LOVE♥drastic make up♥Mushroom♥Drugs♥ Death♥nail polish♥Lost♥Be bored♥beads♥body modification cemeteries♥clothing♥scars♥designing♥fake eyelashes♥fake hair♥fetishes♥girly guys♥ glitter♥goth dolls♥hair accesories♥jonny the homicidal manic, lipstick♥mary janes♥neon-nuss♥plastic bracelets♥safety pins♥shiney stuff♥Vintage♥Poetry♥ Converse♥ Weekends♥ Rainbows♥ Laying In Bed♥ Playng Dress Up♥ Black And White Photos♥ Playing Final Fantasy♥ Neon Lights♥ Cyber Diarys♥

Other Information:

Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Smoke? : Straight Edge
Children: someday maybe....
Instruments Played: guitar, ztar, drum
Favorite Movies: same as soessii
Pets: Snake