Birthday: 10/31/1991 - 26 Yrs
Loc: Houston, TX USA
Sex: Female

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Other Information:

Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: German
Religion: Christian
Smoke? : No
Drink? : No
Children: 72 of them.
Education: Freshman
Occupation: Whiping twin three year olds butts.
Favorite Books: Bible, Stop Pretending, What my Mother Doesn't Know, One of those Hideous Books where the mother dies, Revelations, Romans, The Haunting, The Specter, Alice I think, Speak, The Giver, Gathering Blue, The Messenger, The Cay, Gemini 7, Fire Storm, Shadow Man, Hot Pursuit, Stalker, A Family Apart, In the Face of Danger, Caught in the Act, A place to Belong
Instruments Played: flute, drums(somewhat lol) tried to learn to play bass but my grandpa stopped teaching me, tried to play guitar...same case scenario with the bass story. lol.
Favorite Movies: Rent, Sound of Music, Scary Movies 2,3, and 4, Cry Wolf, Just Friends, Corpse Bride, Nacho Libre, Titanic, Blue Collar Comedy Tours, Lion King, Aladin, Hercules, Poseidon, 50 First Dates, Benchwarmers, Napoleon Dynamite, School of Rock, Water Boy, Without a Paddle
Pets: Cat
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[xdunxdunxdunx] [Motel6]