Birthday: 12/10/1991 - 26 Yrs
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lemme see i love cheering people up its what i do best XD and i love to read romance novel series. i love music with a passion and i play piano quite a lot, i kinda used to play guitar but then my stings broke thanks to my bro and im too lazy to get em fixed. i love to sing and draw, and paint. i have a slight obsession with cheese-its and junk food. i love watching funny movies and southpark and family guy and the simpsons and i also like king of the hill. i live to find as many bands as possible and try to listen as much as i can. i love to go four wheeling with my uncle and my family, and i liked to go boating when my family used to have a boat. I dont go places very often and i try to have as many friends as possible, ones that i can trust. i joke around a lot, almost sometimes that you dont know if im playing or not XD. i love to help others and ease their pain, so they can help me feel better if i get in a bad situation. i have a lil english bulldog and hes an old man with anger issues. i have a lil brother who pisses me off and tells on me all the time. pay. My other brother Devin was born in august of '08 and he's the cutest lil baby ever x3

Other Information:

Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Irish, apache and Cherokee Indian, Spanish, English, French, german, Mexican and idk what else xD
Religion: christian
Smoke? : No
Drink? : No
Children: someday
Education: in high school
Occupation: who cares?
Favorite Books: dark series, and twilight, and shadow of rhiannon, christy miller series
Instruments Played: I sing and play piano
Favorite Movies: comedy, chick flicks, action, adventure, and scary movies
Pets: Dog
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[princessjoe17] [silent_angel] [kay[falling4him]] [kay[buriedalie]] [kay[tiredoftrying]] [kay[lovers''''requiem]] [kay[lovers_requiem]] [kay[loversrequiem]] [fallindownwithregret] [bittersweetsymphony] [Livesofastucomeundun] [kay[steveluvsdarwin]] [dareyoutomove] [silverstein-givingup] [hestherainonmyparade] [byurgracegodletmefly] [[]] [[epoch//coda]]