Birthday: 04/29/1925 - 93 Yrs
Loc: 570, PA USA
Sex: Female

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Sexin, bologna, chocolate milk,smokin,shows, *umm checking out hot chicks. food?cold pizza and mashed potatosss, drinking,singing,painting,flirting, meeting people.I like sports..and boys....and boys who play hockey. um...I like to danceeee and idie movies,cause there neat. and I like the cock. hardcore in the mouth style. oh, and if you take me seriously, youre a douche.

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Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Religion: undecided.
Smoke? : No
Drink? : Yes
Children: only 4.
Education: whats that?
Occupation: Im a fuckin bum.
Favorite Books: Down by the River by Charles Bowden
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[MarKsSluTc0re] [I0wny0urface] [YoUAreLEDouche] [EatACock.] [Imtoopunkrawk] [EMOFETUS?] [imgay,guys:backup] [OMGWHEREAMI?!????] [shan.what,what?]