Birthday: 02/09/1997 - 21 Yrs
Loc: in love <333, SC USA
Sex: Female

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IM Kat I'm emo... I cut and burn myself...My favorite colors are black a red... I love batman!!!!...I'm emo...Don't like it Fuck off...Hate cops...Smoke weed...I'm the Devils Daughter!!!...and bright colors scare me...I love the dark and hate the light...skateboarding And hanging with friends...going to parties!!!!...playing the guitar... I also want to join a band!!!...I LOVE MUSIC!!!!... IM BI...Dont like it Fuck off then...i love 2 fight for the ones i love...people say im pretty i just cant see it i only see a faggot...i smoke weed for my free time...i dont judge...ive been arrested 3 really nice until you cross the dont ever cross the line unless you want to get hurt

Other Information:

Relationship Status: It's Complicated
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Religion: none
Smoke? : Yes
Drink? : Straight Edge
Children: thinking bout it
Education: 10th grade
Occupation: lover
Favorite Books: dont read much
Instruments Played: guitar,drums,lead singer
Favorite Movies: horror
Pets: Snake