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Hi I'm Sophie. After realising I wasn't retarded I began to spell my name with a p-h and not an F. I hope I can say that I'm short but i love it because I can still get into Ikea playgrounds and cheap childrens meals. that is why you should love me. I'm notstraightedge although so many people think i am...i just dont drink because I used to drink until I couldn't stand up and make an utter cunt of myself. I realised that that was not the way forward in life.0 although i have done it recenelty becuase i gave in..i regret it quite alot and feel ashamed. I really like to see my friends band play... check them.. they kick. I like to watch starry nights with someone I love Y because its nice to not be alone to see something beautiful. In my eyes Tarantino is the epitomy of God.. like him.. or suck majorly....and i mean that.... Apparently my scarf smells of old ladies...i dont think that...i may burn it...although does the old lady smell turn people on? i fancy bearded men...and old men too...bill (david carradine) is very hot...but noone can beat jack black...(and harmar superstar) i have developed a deftones fetish and a html fetish now i have figured it outMe and my friend got attacked by a spider in my living room the other night while we ate chinese and watch Ricky Gervais live.. now I am traumatised for life and bare the mental scars..and the other day i fell off a speeding roundabout and broke my bottom.... I live through my computer and this is why you should add me as your friend. Likes (:movies are my life,drawing.graphic-ness,making films,acting *ive been in holyoaks and casulty...i was a girl who fell off santas knee and cracked my head open I MET CHARLIE"emo" hair on boys, disco balls, tarantino films, tim burton films, HELEN, the cure, Seaweed, Stripy things, flowers, fairy things, boobahs, funky lights, letters, beards!, Converse, New rocks, Shakespeare, Blazers, Dave gorman books, Photos, Graffiti and stencil art, Teddy bears, bowling, pillows, cinema, Sleepovers, diarys, hardcore dancing, Writing, Framed things, Star 27 things, Keeping memories, Phoenix nights, Ball pools, bouncy castles, Bandanas, Belt buckles, ribena, Eggs, Sunset, friends drawings, being a cliche, Signed things, Meeting people, Strangers, Purple gorrilas, truth/trust, beads, custard donuts, trollies, hellfest, Bright eye make up, Nice hair, boys with glasses, Boys who will love me for who i am, eyes, the word cunt eyeliner on pretty people, Scarfs, Colour socks, Clashing, strangers, tori, journalism, interviews, Bloodloss and Life Hates ):Spiders, Chavs, Water, Sharks, Trollies that lock, Kinder-goths, alcohol,cigarettes and drugs sXe fo lyfe, the ataris, crap humour, boys who dont brush their hair, grey, arguing even though its fun, clocks that ticks really loud, people who thinks their witches, people who cheat on people!, People refering to my diary and being insensitive to me and my friends, Not getting into warehouse *snigger* and idolism Message me first

Other Information:

Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Ethnicity: white caucasion
Religion: dont get me started...i believe in alot of different religions but question them all
Smoke? : No
Drink? : Yes
Children: not yet
Education: College
Occupation: Shelf stacker
Favorite Books: Any dave gorman book
Instruments Played: Im an ex drummer
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[xyouxwantxromancex] [~eihpos] [xStrawberryxGashesx] [xdeadgirlsxxdontsayx] [xGracex] [[x]lovesong[x]] [[x]anothergemini[x]] [.Teaser.]