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MUSIC IS MY LIFE. I just recently realized I'm happiest when I listen to music and when I eat. I play guitar. I smoke Kush blunts and drink 40s of Olde English, so? RANT!: Fuck you scenester kids. If I hear someone say that Daughters is Grindcore one more time I'll fuck shit up. Dashboard Confessional is not Emo. A Static Lullaby is not Screamo. Hassan I Sabbah is. Atreyu is not Hardcore. Especially with the new record. Liking As I lay Dying doesn't make you cool. And Cradle of Filth. Even Dimmmu Borgir. Every Bleeding Through song sounds the same. EIGHTEEN VISIONS IS THE FUCKIN WORST BAND IN THE WORLD. ITS NU-METAL WITH A FASHION SENSE AND OVERLY SIMPLE BREAKDOWNS. TOWER OF SNAKES IS A TERRIBLE SONG. NORMA JEAN WILL NEVER BE HARDCORE, AND THE CHARIOT IS JUST A LAME ATTEMPT BY THE FORMER SINGER. STOP IT WITH THE FUCKIN FEED BACK EVERY FIVE SECONDS AND THE PRETENTIOUSLY LONG SONG TITLES. Shut up you fuckin scenesters, and stop making up fake ___core genres. I hate you all. Go start some fuckin push pits.

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Instruments Played: Guitar, Viola
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