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I AM THE COOLEST BITCH YOU'LL MEET.....PLUS I AM FRIENDS WITH DAN FROM BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME (the best band ever!) THAT MAKES ME EVEN COOLER. Gauging my ears... i am now at 3/4's..Playing guitar and hanging out at wal-mart...Eating Hiboy....Listening to music....Taking Showers, hanging with my home slice Andrea and Sleeping...oh and i love silent films...I can not even believe that i forgot to mention my guitars....i love them..they are my life....i have only 4 but i am adding to the collection...hate to say it but i am pretty kick ass on them too...not too hard to play hardcore...but i am so damn good at finger my acoustics...oh and i am not straight edge...don't wish to be and have no need to be..i like drinking excessivly...i like looking at pictures of anal is so gross..and they are fuzzy.. looking at porn on cell phones is pretty cool too...espeacially when you are sitting in english and the teacher is glancing over your shoulder but she doesn't say anything because she likes it too....SICK bitch..

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Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Smoke? : No
Drink? : Yes
Children: i am one
Education: college
Instruments Played: Guitar
Favorite Movies: Blackula
Pets: Dog
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[HardcoreIsLove] [WonderWoman] [HardcoreIsLove] [..CumDumpster..]