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3 Inches Of Blood - Here Waits Thy Doom

WREN   (346 reviews)

Posted: 08/28/2010 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

From the first time I heard Advance And Vanquish I was into this band. 3 Inches Of Blood, to me, was the perfect blend of 80’s era thrash and power metal but with a modern flare that gave them the ability to not sound like a completely rehashed project. The band firing on all cylinders cranked two albums worth of material that was nothing but a whirl-wind of thrashing energy. Being the sucker for the falsetto vocals, I found myself singing (horribly I might add) to Cam Pipes words of taking a battleaxe into Orc territory and slaying them like the filth they are. Gimmick or not, I was hooked.

I only have the Advance And Vanquish and Fire Up The Blades to work with, I’ve never listened to a single note from the first album and maybe my review will come off odd because of that. However, this album came as a shock and a bit of a disappointment to me. I’m not going to go off on a tangent that will say this is completely bad, because it’s not but I couldn’t help but feel left down when the album concluded.

The material that I’m familiar with is more in your face speed metal than anything. Almost ever track fired at you like a machine gun and even the more midpaced material was nothing less than solid stomp thrash. For Here Waits Thy Doom, 3 inches Of Blood take a different approach and the band appears to have done a lot of listening to NWOBHM bands. I can hear a lot of Maiden and Priest as the album progresses. Naturally, copying two giants such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest is not a bad thing necessarily, and the band does a great job of it, but when you are used to one thing and get delivered another it takes a little to digest.

I knew listening to the record once wasn’t going to be enough. I’ve probably listened through it completely 20 times since I got it and each time I found myself a little more disappointed, especially after I threw in Fire Up The Blades to make comparisons. While the album is definitely listenable and there are a few tracks like Call Of The Hammer and Battles And Brotherhood that I really do enjoy, the band seems to be missing their mojo on this one. Even parts where the guitarists could really let loose they don’t. The only thing that seemed to remain consistent from the last albums was Cam and his vocals. Other than that the band regressed in my opinion.

I know that 3IOB have toured pretty relentlessly since blowing up in 2004 so maybe this could be a sign of being burnt out. I really hope so because if they are going to continue to be more about the fist pump instead of the thrash, I might have to end this relationship. I’m glad it’s not as bad as what Edguy did to me on the last album I reviewed from them but I’d rather hear more material that sounds like Accept than what I got delivered on Here Waits Thy Doom.

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