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A Change Of Pace - An Offer You Can't Refuse

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 09/23/2005 | Comments: 4 | Rate:

This band has the misfortune of not only being reviewed when I am in a bad mood, but also sounding pretty much exactly like the last CD I reviewed, which was god-awful. And this is certainly not better. Another talentless hack band mixing screaming and singing along with melodic poppy punky slosh thrown together and overproduced for every stupid kid with a Volcom shirt and flappy hair. Seriously, I would rather be trapped in a room with John Wayne Gacy for a day then be forced to listen to bands like this for a day. I think I'd stand a better chance of not chewing my arm off trying to escape.

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Calm down playa
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All this emo music reminds me of a time when i read Revolver magazine and they had an interview with Senses Fail. Senses fail said "Nu metal had no substance and no scene behind them, it was like every band starting out picked up a guitar and played that music for the hell of it". I bet they are eating their words cause Emo is just as mad, if not worse. Every band no a days plays that emo bull
Calm down playa
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*Bad, if not worse
I have no legs!
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ha-ha- I seriously was hoping this band was a joke .. how on earth did they even get signed? these guys think this crap is metal/metalcore/post hardcore/emo

not eveen close to any of those.

if a horse shat and ate it than shat again it'd still smell better than these guys.
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been a fan of these guys and many other emo bands for a long time, probably since the whole "fad" as you put it started, call me a fag , call me a generic piece of shit doesnt bother me, its good music i like it, i think metal sucks nut, i know the difference between real punk ie (rancid, the circle jerks, bad religiion, and nofx..ect) you need to pull your head out of your ass and realize times change and so does music just because you dont like it, you bash the shit out of it, i agree some bands suck, but you cant hate an entire genre for a few shit bands, metal has its faults to, and real punk died along time ago, its only starting to get a glance in the spotlight with a few bands keeping it alive, get another person to review the so called shit you dont like and go fuck yourself, this band and many other like it are good you have to wake up and let the im stuck in one genere bullshit die, im sick of typing i hope you read this and ill be even more happy if it pisses you off!

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