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Aborted - The Archaic Abattoir

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 03/06/2005 | Comments: 22 | Rate:

What is possibly the most brutal/heaviest/best death metal band in the world has decided to crush our bones into dust once again.

I have no idea how these guys have enough talent to spread themselves into three magnificent bands: Aborted, In-Quest, and Leng T'che, but they do. I think they have millions of great guitarists' souls stored in their basement giving them lessons. Either that, or are simply superbly talented at playing their guitars/drums at rediculous speeds with amazing technicality and no room for error. Throw in some creative wrenches, and you have the most gut wrenching abusive music on the planet.

I think this band has managed to synthesize the sound of a mechanised saw cutting through bone with their drumming precision/guitar playing than any death metal band will ever be able to do. They to me are the epitome of death metal... they mix the speed and brutality with face smashing breakdowns that will make the hardest hardcore band jealous.

Enough ass kissing. You get the fucking point. This band is amazing, end of story.

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vanilla gorilla
213,600 Posts
i am really hyped to hear the new In-quest, whenever it will be released
Corndog McAssmuffi
2,096 Posts
ya know im outta the loop. I havent heard of the other bands. Ill have to check em out. Any SLSK people?
30,389 Posts
yes yes they are amazing
listen to neurosis
10,733 Posts
I really really really want this.
east bay grease
68,058 Posts
I wasn't too impressed with Engineering The Dead, but this review makes it quite tempting to check this album out.
I have no legs!
32,578 Posts
The first two Aborted releases and the split with Christ Denied are not that good. Goremageddon was great.
The shy retirer
14,553 Posts
I'll have to get it, I really dug Gormaggedon.
30,389 Posts
i liked "engineering the dead"
747 Posts
i need to own this now. grrr. tomorrow it will be mine.
4 Posts
the website should be

this band is sick! i fucking love them...
Enemies vs. Honor
281 Posts
good shit. I love Leng T'che, but this kicks the shit out of them.
11,194 Posts
i've never gotten into them, but i suppose i'll have to give this a listen.
And I'm never givi
10 Posts
this is european and this is great :D
2 Posts
I didn't like Goremageddon.

I liked Haematobic very much.

This new one I love.

Mixing Carcass and brutal death metal almost makes me ***. =)

This record has much more groove than the other Aborted records.

And those beautiful Bill Steer -leads. Mmmmmmhhhh....
east bay grease
68,058 Posts
Am I the only one not impressed at all by this release? I had a hard time sitting through it honestly, it bored me and the high end vocals just make them sound like Between The Buried And Me. That being said, I like Between The Buried And Me, but I really don't care for Aborted.

I'm going to go listen to Anomalies.

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