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Adrenacide - Kill

Ron Shark   (233 reviews)

Posted: 09/28/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

The UK's Adrencide have been active since 2003. During that time they've seemingly carved out a little name for themselves in the world of crossover thrash/punk. The 3 piece may play competently, but it does absolutely nothing for me.

Take a look at the similar bands, that sums them up to a T, but they're not as influential or original as those bands. We had an abundance of typical thrash bands in the 80s, it really didn't need to come back and have more filler bands.

This album is 22 tracks and by the end I was bored to tears by hearing the same riffs, the same drum beats, and the same vocal patterns. It just sounds like they're trying too hard to relive the 80s. Their image even screams like they're trying too hard. Bright white high tops, tight jeans, sleeveless band shirt, jean jacket vest showing all of the old school bands they like, and of course the long hair with either a bandanna, baseball hat with the brim flipped up, or both. Look at the cover art, it's basically the same thing in art form.

Start to finish this album is just boring and generic. They even make their cover of Minor Threat's Guilty of Being White sound like their boring music. They even make the same stupid mistake Slayer did and end the song with guilty of being right. So yeah, fuck this band.

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