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Anchorhead - A Room To Stay

Maryland Matt   (180 reviews)

Posted: 11/18/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

I love having the opportunity handle reviews like this one. What I mean is that Anchorhead is a band that I had never heard of prior to taking on this review and with that being the case, I had zero expectations. This can obviously be a risky proposition since the ratio of terrible to excellent releases that come through for write-up seems to be extremely top-heavy, especially as of late.

As mentioned above, I had never heard of this band prior to what I was presented with upon downloading their EP A Room To Stay and I must say, I am pleasantly surprised. What we have here are four excellent examples of melodic indie rock very reminiscent of The Get Up Kids and mid-career Saves the Day. This is a style of music that I really am quite fond of. Some of the most important years of my life were propped up by music much like this and I have a deep appreciation for the honesty and "rough around the edges" style that bands of this ilk typically have.

Anchorhead appear to have an excellent grasp on what it is that they are good at. These songs, though musically quite stripped down, are brimming with a lush melody thanks to the guitar work. Without guitars that compliment each other both in the orchestration and in tone, it is all too easy for a band like this to fall flat on record. This is even more true when speaking on vocals and luckily this band is firing on all cylinders in that regard as well. There is an obvious passion and purpose for the words being sung and that isn't something that can be forced since it is either real or it isn't.

The bottom line is that though this EP is a little rough around the edges, I think that in time you will be hearing the name Anchorhead a lot more.

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