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And Hell Followed With - Domain

PatBastard   (40 reviews)

Posted: 02/11/2009 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

If you're looking for a new innovating band that's trying to break new boundaries within the realm of heavy music, keep a weathered eye to the horizon, cause you sure as shit ain't gonna find it with And Hell Followed With.

"Domain" plays out like a BDM demo that they were overly ashamed of putting out, but with more shitty breakdowns and horrible pitch-shifted vocals.

These cats claim to be "death/thrash" metal, but unfortunately, it just plays out like the latest Years Spent Cold record. By the time the 3rd song on this record rolls around, I found myself trying to solve the rubix cube, since I was beyond bored. It's not even like these guys are trying, the music sounds contrived and hollow. There's no substance here, just a few rather badly played tremelo riffs, some generic sloppy blast beats, and then for the billionth time, another fucking breakdown.

The recording quality isn't even that good. The guitars sound overly muddy, since they've basically tuned down so low, and added no flavor to their guitar tone. The drums sound low in the mix, which I'm not complaining about, since they are absolutely nothing to write home about. The vocals, especially the pitch-shifted lows, drown out most of the music causing the listener to think that whoever mixed/mastered this record just wanted his fucking money and wanted nothing else to do with these cats.

Overall, this record sucks. Don't pick it up.

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