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Attack! Attack! - s/t (deluxe reissue)

Shostakovich   (109 reviews)

Posted: 07/26/2011 | Comments: 6 | Rate:

Everyone should know Attack Attack by now, and I don't mean that in a sense of "if you don't then you're a loser." Almost everyone I know has seen the famous video where they play metalcore music long past its prime, insert horrible dance pop as a breakdown and essentially get lambasted and called "crabcore" due to how low they play their guitars. Quite possibly the worst part is that now people have somehow mistaken that for a real genre and adopted it for themselves. So punk, man, so punk.

I did not pick this release with any illusions that I might not be into it. I mostly chose it to evaluate the band as a whole, to see if they might be at least decent overall, or if the Taio Crus bullshit was just a lighthearted schtick. Dreadfully, it gets worse.

95% of these songs are sterile, overproduced club songs with breakdowns. It's literally one of the worst mixes of genres imaginable. Unlistenable fake metal meets the Jersey Shore soundtrack. As "heavy" as the breakdowns and screams sound, the super clean production ruins it all. But who cares, right? There's breakdowns! Let's mosh bro! Yeah, as you might have guessed from my lapse into sarcasm there, this is music for people who think that breakdowns are what defines something as "hardcore". There's also a lot of that un-palm muted low string bending that makes them sound like Spineshank, or any given nu metal band. Feh.

To my surprise, the band does pull out moments of thrash drumming in songs like "Renob, Nevada". This is the only moment that makes the drummer sound like he might actually be above this band and could play something more creative and technical. The worst part of the CD though? It doesn't even have the song from that one video. I was almost looking forward to it kind of sort of. Instead at the end are some remixes and acoustic songs. Again...feh.

Bottom line is, I'm sure even the band will admit when grilled that they play this kind of crap because it's easy, makes the girls wet, and pays the bills. That's all well and good, but this does absolutely nothing for me in the least.

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Awesome! Awesome!
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man im so stoked for this
do svidaniya
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"how did you come up with the crabcore stance?"

"I was inspired by the deep V I was wearing"
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faggotcore at its finest
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spineshank is awesome. what are you talking about?
I have no legs!
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lol why review a band everyone knows sucks

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