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Backlash - Through Different Eyes

Jess.   (29 reviews)

Posted: 07/09/2010 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

Backlash is an old school hardcore punk band formed in 1991 in New Jersey. They have been billed with bands I love, such as the Cro Mags and Killing Time and the genre is right up my alley, so I was excited to get my hands on this lengthy discography for review.

Overall, I enjoyed Through Different Eyes. It would be a long review if I did a track by track rundown, so I just want to highlight a few key parts. Style-wise the band is solid. True to their genre, they are catchy, melodic and probably put on a great live show. The backing vocals allow for ample singalongs and crowd involvement, which is something I love to see with bands like this. My issue with the band? The vocals. Not as a whole, however. During the singing, shouting, and speaking portions of the tracks the vocalist, Pete, is spot on. However, when he goes to scream, it is just too-high pitched, off key and inconsistent. This doesn't apply for all the songs though. Tracks I particularly liked were "Common Place" and "I'll Get Mine", among others, as they had me reminiscent of one of my favorite hardcore punk bands, Death Threat. I feel those tracks really highlight what this band can do, and why they have such a solid fan base.

Through Different Eyes is an album I could see getting consistent play on my iPod. The band is solid and they stick to their guns. In the nineteen years they have been a band, they have stayed true to themselves and to their fans. I would definitely like to see the vocalist tighten up in certain areas and refine it a bit, but after this long, I doubt that will be changing. If you like 90s hardcore and hardcore punk, I would definitely suggest checking Backlash out. This old school style is rare these days and it is refreshing to hear a local band that has lasted this long without changing what they originally were.

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this was on my list for a minute....couldn't really get to it due to my lack of computer access, but what i did hear i really liked
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i've been into these guys for about ten years and got to see them a few years ago. my favorite track is self assured.

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