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Bad News Bears - Prospects

GLB_saint   (19 reviews)

Posted: 10/22/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Being a fan of punk-pop I have fortunately had the chance to review sweet bands like The Boys of Summer and The Weakness, unfortunately it is very apparent that this genre is hugely competitive and there are a lot of very prominent bands in the scene, also, the music itself is becoming dated with many turning to horrible stuff like Panic of the Disco.

Bad News Bears is a solo project by Mike Sacchetti recorded in his basement and engineered and produced by him. This instantly becomes clear as the frustrating synth sounds and moments of ridiculous madness! However, there are some strong aspects of this album, it’s catchy and shows talent all around by Sacchetti. But especially one man bands need to realise how important it is to have someone who knows there music or a producer to help out with the album or those awkward out of tune annoying sounds are bound to creep through. ‘Plans’ is good intro, it really sets the tone for the album.

‘Sleepless’ is a great track, catchy and perfected, I couldn’t find an issue apart from the breakdown which was bluntly off the mark with the rest of the song with some ridiculous keyboards. Also, ‘Where is Home’ was a hit with me sounding like Dashboard Confessional. There isn’t to much to say about this apparent album, it doesn’t stand out and I’ve definitely heard stronger punk-pop, however, there is obvious potential from a man who has proved that he has talent and can write popular music, to take my advice would be earn some money and re-realise a re-produced album, neither the less, there is no doubt I will listen to this album again because there are strengths within the songs and it’s catchy, a good effort, check this out if you’re a fan of punk-pop because I am sure you will hear of him again whether solo or in a band.

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