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Bangers - Dude Trips

xAJDELAWAREx   (17 reviews)

Posted: 09/07/2010 | Comments: 4 | Rate:

Gonna cut to the chase on this one...AMAZING ALBUM. Stop doing whatever you are doing and snag it right now. Bangers does that bandcamp deal, so you can go to and snag it for free (or a price of your choice)

Now for the proper review.

Bangers is a 3 piece punk rock band, on the more pop punk end of the scale, from Falmouth, UK. Not sure if they made it to the US yet, but god damn I hope they do soon. Dude Trips is a 10 song collection that combines the bands vinyl releases on one, non record player needing, convenient disc.

When I say they are a pop punk band, its more pop punk on the punkier end of things, if that even makes sense. It brings to mind bands like Lifetime and Shookones, who do that pop punk thing but without the frills and pretty boy polish. The vocals are gruff, yet melodic, and almost remind me a little bit of what you would hear on old Dropkick stuff. Musically, its pretty awesome as well. Solid bass lines and the guitar sound is nice and full, doesn't sound like a 3 piece band at all (I'm sure a lot of that is due to the quality of the recording)

This is going to be a record that I will be spinning a lot. Which I had this at the beginning of the summer, because this would have been my official summer jammer. Hope these guys make it (back?) to the US, because I will drop anything to check em out.

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Oh this site?
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Bump. More people need to hear this band. So good.
nah im alright
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will check out.
Out of waldorfs
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band is awesome.
a quarter chord
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o, rly? Will check this out once I get home, thanks.

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