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Banner Pilot - Resignation Day (2010 Remaster)

Elliot   (18 reviews)

Posted: 09/15/2010 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

So I would like to think that Minneapolis, MN's Banner Pilot has really grown in popularity since this years Fat Wreck debut "Collapser" was released. It is their best effort to date comparing it to 2008's "Resignation Day" and 2006's "Pass the Poison". Both of those albums are great too while "Collapser" brought us Banner Pilot with their sound perfected and for someone like me who lives for music and even more so, lives for this style of punk rock that Banner Pilot deliver, I loved that album and band instantly.

Now Fat Wreck has gone ahead and done a fat wreck thing and not let this gem from 2008 continue to only be heard the way it was originally recorded. With the poor production value and not enough money for ample studio time the band is forced to release something less than desired. So Fat Mike and the crew got their hands on the master copies from Go-Kart records and handed them off to producer Jaques Waits(off with their heads,banner pilot) to remix and remaster them.

Now when bands do stuff like this it seems pointless, all that trouble to maybe hear some backing vocals better or the ride cymbal stand out. With Resignation Day this is not the case. Its like having a brand new album. Like the guys went back into the studio and recorded these songs all over again.

I am really impressed with Jaques work remastering this album, it is top notch. It is truely like hearing this album for the first time. I now see that this band had their sound perfected with this release in 2008 only for the greatness to be masked by poor production value and lack of time in the studio. This remaster makes it obvious that Banner Pilot had this sound from the begining. They are one of those bands that have always been good and it didn't take them three albums to hit their stride. Its pretty awesome that a remaster can unmask a bands true efforts and intentions.

This release has made me an even bigger fan than I was and has got me excited again for a band that claimed my stereo for the first six months of this year. Also their are two bonus tracks on this release "spit out" and "deadender" it just keeps getting better.

If you have never heard this band you should get on it and I urge people to check out the original version first to see what I mean about how big of a difference the remastering has made.

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Sorry for that last long sentence....
nah im alright
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ill have to check out the remastered version.

collapser is my jam.

love this band.

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