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Bathos Songs - Demo III

Strange Dong   (6 reviews)

Posted: 07/28/2012 | Comments: 4 | Rate:

I downloaded this album to review not knowing what to expect.

In all honesty, this demo has the "right idea" when it comes to this style of indie. The song structures are good, a tad unconventional and storyteller-esque vocally. If he could really re record all these tracks with much better production; it would give the songs a breath of life that they previously couldn't manage to capture.

Try recording your acoustic guitar on one isolatred track, then doubling it up. your vocals could use A LOT of reverb on them as well. And while i don't think you have a bad voice, you need a bit of work, just work out your melodies until you find them flowing nicer and not all raw ad over driven. Besides those gripes about the vocals, I dig your voice...just needs a little work; I mean this in the best way possible I feel the raw an unscathed aspect of your voice, would be perfect with just some minor adjustment

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I have no legs!
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thanks for the review man, and love the album art. haha.
I have no legs!
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if ya wanna listen for yrself.
vanilla gorilla
213,603 Posts
bandcamp? wtf
I have no legs!
2,832 Posts
fixed lol

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