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Black Tusk - Taste The Sin

DennisQ   (13 reviews)

Posted: 06/17/2010 | Comments: 5 | Rate:

"Taste The Sin" is the sophomore effort from southern metal trio Black Tusk. The Savannah, GA natives come heavy with dirty guitar riffing, fuzzy bass lines, straight ahead hard drumming and screaming raw vocals. And like many bands of this ilk, Black Tusk have a hard time setting themselves apart from the bands that do it best.

While "Taste The Sin" may be Black Tusk's way of paying tribute to the bands before them (most notably High On Fire), its still a solid album. The songs have a ton of energy, as attested to on a song like "Snake Charmer." Theres a raw charm to the album that makes up for its lack of originality. The fact that Black Tusk sound like other bands doesn't seem to bother them, as they unashamedly rock out with dirty tunes like "Red Eye" and "Way Of Horse And Bow", and in the end turn in a record thats sure to please most people looking for a stripped down heavy metal album.

They've had comparisons to fellow Savannahites Baroness, and even had the cover art for "Taste The Sin" done by Baroness guitarist/vocalist John Baizley (who is a busy guy lately with all the artwork hes done), but they don't have the progressive tendencies that Baroness has. Instead, Black Tusk writes their tunes with a more punk rock attitude: less is more. But perhaps the "more" could've helped set this album apart from the rest.

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vanilla gorilla
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this album is pretty good
24,541 Posts
Wasn't crazy about it, but I didn't hate it. I think that came through in the review.
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I could not stop hearing HoF.
crack skat
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the album artwork is pretty cool
116 Posts
I thought the cd was ok. It was way better than their first. Live though, im not a big fan of this band, they are much better on CD.

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