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Bloodlined Calligraphy - Ypsilanti

Matti Frost   (179 reviews)

Posted: 10/16/2006 | Comments: 5 | Rate:

There were a few things I really liked about this CD. One- it's very thrashy, and, in fact, is best when it's thrashy. Two- there were times when the riffing was incredibly good. Three- the drummer, who has since left the band, has got some chops.

Alas, that's about all I can find that's likeable about this release. Where to start? The obvious- the vocals. Singer Ally French has left the band, but her vocals etched on this CD just aren't that good. To compensate for what is a relatively weak voice, the effects are piled on. Then, there's the songwriting. While this album has a lot of cool parts, the songs, in their entirety, are rather forgettable. I listened to the whole album on my way to the gym and I can only remember one song that I thought was good from beginning to end (Ashes to Ashes).

And then there's the originality issues. What disappoints me is that there are a lot of places where the riffing is original, but for the most part, it's borrowed Bury Your Dead breakdowns and borrowed Killswitch Engage material. One chorus in "It Can't Rain All The Time" is pretty much note for note a KSE chorus. Some of the thrashy verses bring to mind Slayer, or as they credit in their band thanks, Walls of Jericho.

That's not where the originality issues end, though. The production is everything I expect from a Facedown Records release. It's metalcore by-the-numbers production. I had hoped for a little evolution...

But still, I will give it some credit because I liked a lot of the lyrics and I did like the general tempo of the recording- fast. You all know me, I like fast. Still, I don't think this will make my regular listening list, there isn't anything on here I am particularly burning to hear again.

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I got nothing
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Bores me really.

Especially their last release.

Ally French really isn't that great of a vocalist to be honest. And I agree with the riffing issue.
hardcore for life
24,697 Posts
the beginning of the end was a good record, but the other record was not so good...
Floating Boy Media
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I am not a fan, I saw them once and they were better live then on cd but not my style. They have a new singer apparently and drummer so maybe they will be different in the future.
The Winter's Wrath
7,923 Posts
Well, there is a song on the new one titled "If Heaven is like Ypsi I don't wanna go"...

What state is that town in, anyway?
Floating Boy Media
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