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Caliban - The Opposite From Within

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 08/28/2004 | Comments: 22 | Rate:

Another one bites the dust. Caliban used to be fantastic, and a whole lot more original than this. A whole ton of old Caliban fans will be greatly dissapointed. It does have a few ok parts... but the vocals are pretty crappy now.... they have way too many singing parts... and it sounds like they want to be Killswitch Engage II. The guitarwork gets repetative really quickly, and the songwriting is shoddy at best. The clean vocals have a nice tone too them, but the transition from clean to scream is not well done at all. And after a few songs, the clean vocals start to all sound the same. The songs are predictable and generic.

One bright spot on this disc is the drummer... he's great. It's the rest of the band that needs to wake up and realise that molding your music around what's popular will lose you your original fanbase and you will gain fans that will not love and respect your music the same way, and your band will most likely be laid by the wayside once the style you have changed to isn't trendy anymore.

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I have no legs!
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This CD sounds EXACTLY like Killswitch Engage.
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blah boring
the sandman
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very well said
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yep, this album is terrible.
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It's a shame really. A few years back Vent was a blast and for me their last great effort. On their previous album Shadow hearts the few good parts were strolen riffs of (yes you've guessed it) KsE.

Havent't heard the new album entirely, but the new e-card says enough for me...
life is gawbage
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I wrote them off a year ago

shadow hearts blew goats
Your Average Junki
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Aww.. I was like... WOW new Caliban... then I heard and boy do I wish it was made out of paper.

So I could whipe my ass with it.
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good album, but like written above... i can't believe it's the caliban i used to know.
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good album, but like written above... i can't believe it's the caliban i used to know.
ass ta ass
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I couldnt agree more
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Agreed, terrible terrible album.

It pains me to see this band go this way :(
is wesleygibson
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i never really got into them anyway.
I have no legs!
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This pile of horseshit is a big letdown. I've been into these guys since their first EP and this is not what I've come to know and love of them. They all but abandoned their old sound and changed into a KSE clone. I hope this fails miserbly so they realize what they've done is oh so wrong.
The King Of Hxc
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wow...this band used to be they're a second rate killswitch...i don't even understand why KSE is copied as often as they are, the end of heartache is a bore after 2 listens...what's next? either go back to vent-era caliban or do an album with howard jones. bah.
Dave B. #2
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my god how the mighty have's like they took killswitch's new album, and sum other random lame sunshine state metal and stirred it into one big pile of shit. the vocals were the most disappointing part. this album is a complete abortion

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