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Cardinal - EP

AKelly   (133 reviews)

Posted: 06/03/2012 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Cardinal are an emo/pop punk band from Virginia, stylistically very similar to Title Fight. Their use of dynamics is definitely something to take note of. The transitions are usually pretty solid across this EP. There's a lot of fast-paced drumming and power chords accompanied by more open-sounding chords-but when they slow it down or go into a different direction musically altogether, it's pretty seamless. This is the most enjoyable part of the EP for me. "My Eyes" even starts out with a lone clean guitar.

It's a very catchy EP as well. There's plenty of accessible melody along with actual singing (and an occasional shouted backing vocal), but there's definitely an edge to this band. The production is pretty good, definitely not polished but not too raw either.

Overall a good release, it does have its quirks as well. Some of the drumming i was underwhelmed with, most notably in the beginning of the opening track "Underneath My Skin." I don't know if a click track was used, but some of the fills throw the timing off a bit. Also, there are a few typical lyrics. Every song contains "you" or "your," seeming to be about a relationship with someone-either saying goodbye or feeling bad for yourself "I keep coming up with excuses/To keep myself from feeling useless." I'm more of a fan of positive lyrics from bands like Have Heart, but I'm sure there's kids out there that can relate to the lyrics perfectly fine.

If you like catchy pop punk, alternative, or emo music definitely give this EP a listen. While nothing necessarily new, it definitely capitalizes on the things about these genres that I like. It's available for free on their bandcamp page:

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