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Corpus Christi - The Darker Shades Of White

WREN   (346 reviews)

Posted: 04/07/2009 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

Now here is something I haven't heard in awhile, a band that tries to recreate a metalcore sound like genre heavyweights Unearth and Killswitch Engage. Victory Record's Corpus Christi decided it was in their best interest not to sound like Job For A Cowboy or All Shall Perish when it came time to writing material for their album, The Darker Shades Of White.

Maybe it's because I'm so used to hearing every new band sound like a bad Devourment that this CD actually impressed me. Not like blown away impressed me but impressed me enough to be slightly pleased that I wasn't listening to the newest "bR00taL" deathcore band. If my memory wasn't flooded with the recent misery of having to sit through those types of bands I'd probably hate this record because it really isn't something to write home about.

Like I stated in the beginning Corpus Christi tries to recreate melodic metalcore in vain of both Unearth and Killswitch Engage. For most of each song it sounds like a less technical newer Unearth. They have the basic idea down but don't seem to have the ability to write some of the more memorable licks that Ken Susi and Buz McGrath are able too. When it gets time to kick in the chorus they usually opt to go the route of a clean vocal filled Killswitch Engage cloning. The guitarist takes over for these parts and sounds remarkably similar to KSE's Howard Jones. It's not the direction I'd go but the blend of sounds works for them and they are able to keep my interest for an entire song.

Just when you thought this trend was dead, another band decides to resurrect it. Corpus Christi definitely isn't reinventing the wheel here but they are definitely earning brownie points with me for putting out an album that isn't a bad attempt at mimicking Devourment. I was getting real sick of reviewing those types of records. I think this record falls into that "too little, too late" category since not many people really care about this style of music anymore. I know that I will never listen to this again but they are far from a terrible band. Only recommended to those that still jock Unearth or Killswitch Engage like it was still 2001.

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dude sounds like chris cornell when he sings.

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