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Crowbar - Sever The Wicked Hand

WREN   (346 reviews)

Posted: 01/30/2011 | Comments: 13 | Rate:

I’ve noticed that a lot my reviews tend to start out with the setup of giving some back history of the band I’m about to review. With Crowbar, I’m pretty limited on what I can say because it’s all been said before. They are easily one of the most influential metal acts to come from the bowels of NOLA and have gone onto inspire in one way or another legions of bands that try to clone (but never duplicate) their signature style. Back after a 6 year hiatus, the riff master himself, Kirk Windstein, has returned with his baby and brought forth Sever The Wicked Hand.

I’ll begrudgingly admit that I went into this album with a lot of skepticism. While I love Down and Kingdom Of Sorrow (well atleast their first album) I feared that a lot of what those bands were doing would find themselves a home on the Crowbar disc. Down’s gone into a direction that is more reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and Kingdom Of Sorrow has too much Hatebreed in it for it to transition nicely into something that would remain true to the material that was on Time Heals Nothing or Broken Glass. When I want to listen to Crowbar, Crowbar is what I want. I was also interested if Kirk’s new found sobriety was going to play a factor in the finished product. I applaud the man for getting clean but I have heard over the years from countless artists, that they wrote some of their best material while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and when they got clean, their music declined (see: Metallica). Ultimately the man’s health is more important but was the music going to suffer because of it?

It didn’t take very long for Mr. Windstein to figuratively tell me to "shut the fuck up" and prove why he is the Lord and Master Of All Things Riff. The dirty, distorted Southern Rock inspired guitar licks that is Windstein’s signature forte is back in full effect. The albums first track Isolation (Desolation) fires right out of the gate and sets up the rest of the album much like Conquering did for Broken Glass. The slow jams that Crowbar has done have always been the bands truly defining moments. Songs like Planets Collide are done with such dreary ambience that they cut right to your core. That’s how I felt when getting through songs like Let Me Mourn. To remind us that Crowbar has always been “Fat Music For Fat People”, Kirk & Co. wrote probably the heaviest thing I’ve ever heard in the ending of The Cemetery Angels. The majority of the song is a typical faster Crowbar lick but the breakdown at the end of the song chumps anything that any beatdown hardcore band has ever written. I think had I been outside of my vehicle at the time I could have picked it up and ripped it in half during this part.

Doubters be silenced, CROWBAR IS BACK! It’s only January but I’m easily throwing this into the pot as an early contender for Album Of The Year. This is easily one of the best albums that Crowbar has ever put out. I suggest that everyone that reads this review picks up this album when it drops on February 8th. You can thank me later.

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19,190 Posts
I will probably steal this tonight. Good review.
Pulp Free
52,194 Posts
don't steal. purchase in a week.
Playin fast
655 Posts
Great review and I hope Kirk sees this and considers himself "Lord and Master Of All Things Riff" because nothing more true has ever been said.
3,150 Posts
Seeing eye-to-eye with you in this review. I was so skeptical. I'm at ease now.
45,098 Posts
glad to hear its not too kingdom of sorrowy. . .
pumped to hear the whole thing.
12,352 Posts
great review. I really enjoyed this record.
11,730 Posts
Can't wait to buy this.
we run this city
4,283 Posts
If it wasn't for Kirk and Dimebag I wouldnt have even started playing guitar. can't wait to purchase it legally on the 8th like everyone else should do.
nah im alright
3,871 Posts
hopefully they come back through soon
hardcore for life
24,851 Posts
great album.
women and children
9 Posts
outstanding lp.sometimes a spirit of Kingdom of Sorrow can be recognized,i think,Kirks' participating in that project influenced him.but I still enjoy!
2 Posts
this album is really KICK ASS!! \M/\M/ was really intense and hardcore! \m/\m/
2 Posts
If I could marry compact discs, I'd marry this one

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