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Cult Of Luna - Somewhere Along The Highway

Panic   (15 reviews)

Posted: 05/03/2006 | Comments: 10 | Rate:

I have to say that I was excited to hear this. Chris must of not realized he gave it to me since it says Cult Of Luna Really small towards the bottom .

Cult Of Luna formed around 1998 with guitarist Johannes Persson and vocalist Klas Rydberg wanted to explore new ideas in music. They hail from Umea Sweden wich also boasts bands as varied as DS-13, Meshuggah and Refused.

Melodic and heavy as hell, but not chug-chug heavy, Somewhere Along the Highway is wonderfully recorded. The fouth album from Sweden's Cult Of Luna delivers massive sonic stimulation. Some of the songs are almost trace-like and melancholy while some songs thunder as if its the last song they'll ever play. I even think i heard a banjo on it. Lots of delay and bass wich i love in bands. The vocals remind me of early Nerousis.

I could go on and on about how good this album is. It is aptly named too, since you could just listen to this album and drive forever. The only downside is that the promo cd I have has cut the tracks to 99 and there are voiceovers every five minutes or so.

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I can't wait to hear all of it. the clips they had up were sweet
Not enough words
325 Posts
I have on song left before its done downloading. I'm so excited!
vanilla gorilla
213,695 Posts
bout time lazy
FTW Champion
20,619 Posts
This album rules so much.
19,324 Posts
I like it its a lot more mellow than salavation but its still good.

Whe I heard about the banjo i wasent to sure on how they were gonna pull it off but it actualy worked really good

Burn That Hole
8,611 Posts
i love this album. definitely my favorite release from them.
drop a hard J
17,175 Posts
i'm 5 minutes into the second track and i already love it.

I have no legs!
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this is an awesome album. like "salvation"
8,459 Posts
this album is really good, but I still think I prefer Salvation. I'll need to listen to this one a few more times.
I have no legs!
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This albums is so awesome.

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