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Cyco Miko - The Mad Mad Muir Musical Tour

Shostakovich   (109 reviews)

Posted: 10/28/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

This review has taken me almost 2 weeks to complete because I really could not figure out how to express how bad I feel this album is. Well, two weeks later, I can only's bad.

Cyco Miko is a legend of course, so it took me a day or two considering whether I should go emotional or analytically on this one. After one awful white-boy funk groove too many, I chose a combination, with a large pull towards emotional.

The album opens up with MMM, which is actually quite a neat little groove and solo track.......that's about 5 minutes long. We get it. Metal, dude. After that......all aural hell breaks loose. For the next 3 tracks we're treated to awful, overproduced funk/reggae sounds with varying amounts of distortion, just to occasionally let you know it "rocks, bro". You know, in case you thought ol' Mike had gone soft on you for a second.....or something....I dunno, I assume that's how people who listen to this kind of music talk. After that is a really long, wussy sounding ballad that features one of the few things I could never get down with when it came to Suicidal Tendencies.....that weird light fluffy singing meow that Cyco Miko has during soft parts. And it's dragged out over 6 minutes. Looooord.....

Techno metal follows, sounding like a remixed Infectious Grooves track, and then one of the albums low points hits with "Done Gone Stupid". Caucasiafied swing beat meets bad nu metal riff with more of Mike's bizarre warbling over it.

A pretty decent punk rock track is found in "Full Of It", and it shines with a simplistic aggression that makes you wonder why he's doing a solo record full of lost Sublime songs when he can do what he's best at.....yelling over great fast hardcore beats.

The rest of the album continues rather in the same pattern described above. It all basically sounds like members of AFI and Sugar Ray wrote an album of awful music and got Miko to sing over it somehow. It reminds me of "Suicidal For Life" without all the egregious swearing and metal riffs. I didn't even think I was going to make it through "Who's Next?".

I'm sure this will garner hate mail from a bunch of rubes who can't get their nose out of every punk rocker over 35's ass, but seriously now, I could not stand this record and am allowed to hate something and speak my mind just as much as anyone. Some people just shouldn't quit their day jobs. The worst part is some of my favorite punk and metal musicians were part of this......Brooks are dead to me.

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