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DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. Erro - Yoruba Soul Mixes - Rock Wit U

Gisty   (56 reviews)

Posted: 01/11/2011 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

Philadelphia's own Jeff Townes also known as (Jazzy Jeff),is by far from being a novice in the world of hip hop and R & B. Since his start in the late 1980's he became extremely popular for his work with Will Smith (The Fresh Prince) as well as producing countless albums respectively. His solo career started taking off towards the end of the 90's when he focused more on mixtapes,dj battles,compilations,and artist development.

While I myself have never been a huge fan of him, he has directly worked with some of my favorite hip hop artists or has had a hand in the recordings at some point. For a person to take on so many different endeavors and have the success that Jeff has had,you really have to tip you hat to him whether or not you are a supporter. Yoruba soul mixes showcases 2 remixed tracks from Jeff's 2002 debut album titled "Magnificent" which also featured artists such as Eminem,Jill Scott, and Paul Yamz.

When I finally got to hear to this material I was pleasently suprised by the effort put forth as compared to the original cuts. Both remixes are nearly three minutes longer in running time and do great justice in bringing a fresh new perspective to the listener. Right away you can hear how this material has a beefier sound where 2002's tracks sound thin and flat. This made me like the instrumentals much more on Soul Mixes because of the sound quality alone.

The soulful R & B sound is still there and perhaps done a bit better as well. Jeff has less scratching on these songs as compared to the originals,which I feel makes the overall sound shine out even more. Lastly,the input from vocalists can be enjoyed from beginning to end without making the listener feel bored and again only add positives to the music. I think Jeff did a pretty good job here when you are comparing these songs to something he released nearly 12 years ago. If you are a fan of his work, or just R & B in general, I would reccomend this to you.

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I'm honestly surprised that someone even claimed this.
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someone that wasnt steve grove
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I've done a few hip hop reviews already and I fly under the radar.

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