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Dead Empires - Monuments

Peter SteeleyDan   (15 reviews)

Posted: 01/30/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

I didn't know what to expect from these guys, the only description I got was "heavy instrumental". Dead Empires was true to that. Three piece from New York, heavy instrumental group, ex bless the fallen. This being the first release from these guys, I read that they are already gearing up for a full length and I can't wait for it after hearing this.

The EP is titled Monuments, a four track release, over twenty minutes and about as raw and heavy as a produced EP can get. The first track has us listening to a sample from a movie or show? I'm not certain, but it's dialogue is pertaining to greed, cynicism and it rules. The sample is followed by a quick drum roll and breaks into some sludgy down right Crowbar style riffage. The guitar work is awesome, from the range to the style he incorporates. There is a wide influx of influences that can be heard through out Monuments. The songs tend to switch styles quick and it makes for an enjoyable ride in which they are executed. Post modern rock, progressive metal, sludgy heavy as fuck, you'll hear it all here. Drums and bass follow suite well, double bass madness and rolling bass lines help the transition between the heaviness and more placid interludes that you will hear cleverly placed throughout the four song EP. Even though it's only four songs, the skill here makes each track seem layered, genuine and intense. Each song is simple and complex in its own right. I have to touch on the execution again. Alot of bands that mix up genres can make transitions seem plain or rushed. The style that Dead empires delivers is so intense you can't help being sucked in.

"Monuments" was recorded by Will Riggs at Bigg Rigg Studios in Pleasant Valley NY. It was mastered by guy named Bumblefoot, famous for Guns 'N roses obviously. Monuments still sounds raw, not overly produced to me, but it suites its style so well. I'm not saying that clear crisp production wouldn't be good for the band, just saying the EP is awesome as it is.

This three piece has the EP on their myspace for free download, I encourage everyone into this style or into instrumental tunes to check this out. It's a great release and its weighted and genuine. I see big things coming for these three dudes from Poughkeepsie NY. So remember the name Dead Empires.

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