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Dead To Me - Wait For It...7

Elliot   (18 reviews)

Posted: 10/05/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

I'm going to kick this off with a quick back story for those who do not know. Dead To Me is an amazing punk rock band from San Fran CA and has a flawless catalog. Their debut album on Fat Wreck "Cuban Ballerina" was a highlight of 2006 and their follow up ep "Little Brother" was well worth the two year wait. By the time "African Elephants" came out at the end of 2009 we where more than ready for a new full length. I can say this is one of the most impressive progressions between albums that any band has done, don't believe me? Go check em out.

Dead To Me, durning the past four years have been through heavy line-up changes. Losing two original memebers from "Cuban Ballerina" one of them being Jack(One Man Army) who's songs and voice helped shape this band's sound. The Other one being Brandon who left for personal reasons. So when "African Elephants" came around, Dead To Me had become a three piece recruiting Nathan from Richmond, VA to play guitar and take up Jack's spot on vocals, thats a pretty demanding task to ask but Nathan never let down on. Earlier this year Nathan had annouced his depature from Dead To Me and yet again in the face of uncertainty DTM marches on.

This new incarnation of Dead To Me returning to a four piece picking up Sam(New Mexican Disaster Squad) and Ken(Western Addiction) is the best line-up yet, though some may disagree. These 3 songs showcase the band in all their impressive glory not just nailing the sound this band is known for but hitting the mark so well that this 7" is the defenition of Dead To Me and what they do best. I can't wait for the new full length. And wonder if that will be on Fat Wreck or Brick Gun Records, which this will be released by on 10-30-2010.

This line-up seems solid and the songs are as good as ever. I've been telling people about this band for years now, here is another gem I will undoubtedly be forcing pretty much on anyone that I can. This band rules and needs more Appr threads. Check this out check their whole catalog out.

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