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Dead Walk The Earth - Demo

$teve grove   (39 reviews)

Posted: 11/05/2008 | Comments: 4 | Rate:

Before listening to Dead Walk the Earth's 3 songs demo I checked out their MySpace page. They claim to be death metal, metal, and grindcore and while that's not completely false, its not entirely accurate either. Yes they have death metal parts, yes there are some grind parts, but to make this classification easy, DWtE is a deathcore band. Although DWtE is more death metal that the majority of current comparable entities, this entire demo has an underlying "core" feel to it. Its kind of hard to judge a bands entire existence with only 3 songs, however in Dead Walk the Earth's case its not that hard to see the direction they are going in.
    I also discovered on their MySpace that this band features former members of Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatus and Behind the Sun although their music doesn't really sound anything like either. This demo has lots of tempo changes, some guitar wankery and lots of blast beats. The drumming is really what makes this band. Without all the blasting they would be just another band in the millions of metalcore bands. But with the blasting they are another one of the million deathcore bands. These guys can play their instruments, it is obvious they are talented. It is also obvious that they are not that interesting.
    Recommended for hardcore/deathcore kids, people who's metal collection is limited to a few Cannibal Corpse albums and br00tal kids trying to be more br00tal than the emo kids they once were. Oh yeah, these guys are from Jersey.

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Pulp Free
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i think Alex from Burnside sings for them.
OTYC, sucka!
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That's Alex from Burnside and Behind The Sun yeah...

This band is not bad at all, but

Burnside > Behind The Sun >>>>> DWtE
we run this city
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i want burnside back!
hardcore for life
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