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Demiricous - One (Hellbound)

Matti Frost   (179 reviews)

Posted: 09/02/2006 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

I've read somewhere that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. While that may be true to some degree, Demiricous push that envelope right over the edge. When the first track "Repentagram" hit, I could have sworn I was listening to a Slayer album. In fact, all of their songs rely heavily on borrowing riffs and song structures from Slayer. Even the guitar and drum sound is engineered to sound like Slayer. Imitation is one thing, but this sounds more like cut & paste.

So what does this say about the band? I don't know enough about them personally to judge their motivations. I can't tell if they wrote this album as a tribute to a favorite band or if they just don't have the creativity to take the influence and make it into something their own. The only thing that doesn't sound like Slayer is the vocals, and that's just pretty much your average Lindberg/Steer death snarling. There's a few blast beats too, done Cannibal Corpse style, that add some dimension to the music. Aside of that, though, there's little originality present.

Guitarist Scott Wilson said in an interview on MetalWeb* that "We've been getting a lot of Slayer references too, which is fine with me. Who better footsteps to follow in? We didn't set out to do anything fucking groundbreaking or whatever. We just wanted to make a good thrash album you know. I think we did all right". There's a wide chasm between not re-inventing the genre and retreading what was already done many times before.

For all my panning thus far, I am not saying it's a bad CD. Far from it, it's one of the better straight-up thrash albums I've heard in recent years, but it's just so hard to get past the blatant Slayer paeans. The strongest tracks are the opener, "Repentagram", and their not-quite-as-much-like-Slayer single "Vagrant Idol", which has been all over Headbangers' Ball recently. What I would like to see is this band come into their own because they have the chops to create a really good thrash album that leaves their own mark. If their next CD sounds like Slayer, then we know they're a one-trick pony that's already performed. For now, I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and see what becomes of them.

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Bleck. I couldn't care less about this band.

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